Monday, November 29, 2004

ASA in Asia Civil Society Forum

ASA was participated in the Asia Civil Society Forum 2004 from December 21 to 25 in Bangkok. There were several important issues been discussed by the hundreds representatives across the region.

If you interested to know more about the reports from the Forum, you can log on to the offical website of the Forum.

For the ASA, this was the first time to participate in such significant Asia civil society forum. As we all know, in the international conference, the Asian delegates only a few. It's a pool of resources and organizations. It's good for us to know other organization concerns and explore the possibility to work together.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Power of the Blogs

I read an interesting and "revolutionary" article about the emerge of the blog. It will provide us a better understanding about the influences of the blog.

You can read it here!

Invitation to ASA PRO-RACE Activity

BREAKING NEWS: Open invitation for those who are from Hong Kong!

We would like to invite you to attaind on the Cultural Exhibition and forum disscussion for the PRORACE organised by Asian Students Association (ASA) in this following mention date.

Date Venue Time
5 December 2004 Chater Road 12 NN-5PM
5 January 2005 Chinese University 12NN-2PM

PRO-RACE: or People’s Rally for an Organized Racial and Cultural Exchange showcases different nationalities and their culturals with the objective of promoting understanding and meaninful exchanges of nationalities cultural espacially among the youth.

The Asian Students’ Association (ASA) is an independent and non-aligned regional body of 52 national student organisations from 32 countries. As a regional student body, ASA is actively developing a philosophy, which reflects the sentiments of the oppressed people in the Asia-Pacific.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. If you want to know further more about the program please contact us through the contacts given below.

Asian Students Association (ASA) office
Phone: 23880515

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

On Soh Sook Hwa: Recognize the Political Rights of Students and Youth

Dear friends,

We ask your support and solidarity to the campaign for upholding and protection of political rights and civil liberties by the DEMA (Malaysia Youth and Students Democratic Movement), a member organization of the Asian Students Association.

In particular, we request that we altogether support Soh Sook Hwa, a 22 year old student who is now being prosecuted for being allegedly involved in the March 2004 elections in Malaysia. Whether or not she has involved herself in the last elections by supporting any political party or candidate, it is but her right as an individual and a constituent of the Malaysian society to express her political beliefs and stand by them.

The Universities and University Colleges Act, among other laws in Malaysia, is a very repressive and oppressive tool wielded both by the state and the university administrations to curb the Malaysian youth's critical voice. Once prosecuted, most students are suspended or expelled from the university. The University of Science Malaysia, as what we will learn from the document sent by DEMA, has been notorious in using this law to suppress students' rights and freedoms.

We wish for you to write as an organization or an individual to the USM administration to request, if not demand, recognition of Soh's political rights and freedoms, among other things. Let us not allow the USM authorities and the UUCA law to hinder Soh's political growth and her future.

Please forward a copy of your letter to us in ASA ( as well as to our fellow comrades and leaders (

We look forward to your reply and action.

With our hearts, minds and hands joined with the youth and people, we will never falter.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Closure of WYF Evaluation Meeting

The Evaluation meeting of the World Youth Festival within the International Preparatory Committee was closed with several concrete suggestions.

For those who are looking forward the 4th World Youth Festival, we have not decided on the next hosting country. However, the attendants agreed to discuss it further within the ICMYO framework.

For those who are new with the ICMYO, it stands to International Coordinating Meeting for Youth Organization. The ASA also one of the components together with other regional youth platforms and international youth organizations.

Another significant achievement of the evaluation meeting was to develop the complete documentation for the who process of the preparation for the World Youth Festival. For the first and the second World Youth Festival in Portugal and Panama, none proper document were past to the Barcelona. This was really a tough task for the National Preparatory Committee of the 3rd World Youth Festival. We really appreciate their contribution to this effort.

More importantly, I think for the ASA will be important for us to consider such an huge event to happen in Asia. Whether we have the capacity to hold it and also the resources that need for the World Youth Festival.

Just let me know if you are interested to hold it in your respective country. Dare to dream something that possible to achieve. I think we can do it someday!

Of course, the reality is we are facing the facist, repressive and reactionary regime in our region today. Anyway, it showed how important for us to organize ourselves to fight and resist this obstacles. I strongly believe that we will succeed oneday!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Arrived Barcelona for the Evaluation Meeting

Greetings from Barcelona!

There were a lot of incidents happened in the past week. The death of the Yasser Arafat and the US offensive attack the Falluja are the two main concerns. Forgive for my absent in this ASA Blog to update about the situation.

Tomorrow will be the evaluation meeting for the World Youth Festival. The concerns from the previous consultation meeting together with the other participants from the Asia and Pacific before the festival ended will be raised.

Anyway, you are still welcome to send your concerns to us.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

On Arafat's Demise: The Palestinian Struggle Should and Will Go On

We in the Asian Students Association feel the grief and extend our condolences to the Palestinian people on the death of Yasser Arafat, once student leader and guerilla now leader of the Palestinian Authority.

Said to have been one of the founders of our member organization, the General Union of Palestinian Students, he has led marches and protests and uprisings of the Palestinian people against the US-Israeli Zionism for more than 40 years now.

Israeli Zionism has brought not only brute force and military rule as forms of dominance but bloodshed, violence and partition among the Palestinian people. It has violated the international humanitarian law, agreements and several other policies. It used weapons and arms as responses to the demands for sovereignty, justice and freedom for Palestine. Now, it has created those separation walls, the apartheid walls, to have all the resources of Palestine to themselves while depriving the Palestinian people of services and benefits and the rights that are truly theirs.

Many may have felt lost with the leaving of Arafat, long time leader of the Palestinian people. But his legacy and the legacy of the liberation movement, the quest for justice, freedom and sovereignty will remain. May the new leader continue the struggle with the people for sovereignty, freedom and self-determination.

Solidarity with the Palestinian people!
Free Palestine now!
Down with the Apartheid walls!
End US-Israeli Zionism!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Out of Office from Nov 6 to 16

Dear readers,

I'm now in Holland for the meeting. Later will attend the evaluation meeting of the World Youth Festival in Barcelona.

I shall keep myself always update with you about the progress in Holland. As long as I can access to the internet, I'll upload the info here in Holland.

There are several important events going to happen in Hong Kong. As I mentioned in the previous article, the Road to WTO MC in Hong Kong is going to happen.

Besides, the ASA also conducts the HAB program in several universities in next week. I hope you all can participate in that program.

See you soon in Hong Kong or other places.

Friday, November 05, 2004

DEMA hold candlelight vigil outside Thai Consulate

Malaysian Youth and Students Democratic Movement (DEMA) together with other youth organizations held the candlelight vigil outside of the Thai Embassy. There were around 50 student and youth attended the vigil. More information about the protest action can be read here.

The ASA in Hong Kong also organized the protest action against the human rights violation of the Thaksin Administration last Wednesday in front of the Thai Consulate. The report of the event also can be read in the previous ASA Blog.

We hope more organizations will send their protest or condemnation to the Thai government for their inhuman treatement to the protesters. More solidarity support need to be send to the people in the Southern Thailand.

Road to WTO Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong

BREAKING NEWS: The ASA together with other local organizations working out the upcoming preparation meeting for the WTO Ministerial Conference in December 2005. The ASA is one of the secretariat member in International Coordinating Network (ICN).

At the same time, the set up of the Hong Kong People Alliance Against WTO (HKPAAW) last month already speed up the momentum of the local preparation towards the WTO. The main target of this alliance is to mobilize the local people to understand about the WTO through public awareness event.

As our member's concerns, the ASA is going to mobilize all the member organizations to actively participate this event. Therefore, for those who are outside of Hong Kong. You are welcome to log on to the ICN official website to know further about the preparation of the February 26 to 27 Preparation Conference.

All my fellow readers, please keep update the progress of the preparation through email or even any other related activities. Let's us map out the strategies toward the WTO Ministerial Conference.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bush Re-elected: Will the world safer?

Bush re-elected as the US President. This morning, the ASA received email from our friends in US. I'll quote some of their feelings and opinions here:

"These are difficult times indeed for the entire human race, first it
was like a dream, then it turned into a nightmare and as I write to all of you,
it is beginning to sink in as a reality-George W Bush Jr. just became the
president of the US for another four years!"

from "When Darkness Find Victory", Sowore Omoyele
Another guy called Ocean Robbins mentioned it as the "SAD DAY"

"George Bush just won 4 more years in office as President of the United
States. And Congress has also moved to the right politically, giving Bush
an easier time moving legislation, getting right-wing judges appointed to the
courts, etc. The policies of this administration, which have been so
devastating to so many, are apparently going to continue."

Will the world become safer or better? What do you think about the Bush victory? What does the Bush's victory mean to you or your people? We would like to hear from you about your feelings or even the analysis.

May God not only bless America but the people of the world. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Hong Kong Protest Action Calls Thaksin to Resign!

BREAKING NEWS: The Asian Students Association (ASA), Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants (APMM), Asosiasi Tenaga Kerja Indonesia di HK (ATKI-HK), Thai Regional Alliance and friends in Hong Kong held a picket protest this afternoon to denounce the brutal massacre of Muslim protesters last October 25 in Narathiwat, southern Thailand.

The protest action was held at the foot bridge of the Fairmont House Building where the Thai Consulate is located. The HK police and private security forces of the Fairmont House Building prevented the protesters to enter the building where the Thai Consulate Office is located.

Twenty-four representatives of migrant organizations, students groups and human rights advocates were present during the protest action.To symbolize the massacre,. three protesters in Muslim garb had their hands tied as another one donning a Thaksin mask pointed a gun at their heads.

A representative of the Thai Regional Alliance in HK spoke about the human rights situation in Thailand and call for justice for all the victims of human rights violations in Thailand. The protesters shouted: "Justice to all the victims of Southern Thailand Massacre! Prosecute those responsible to the brutal crime! and Release the remaining 189 detainees! Thaksin Resign!"

Lee Khai Loon of ASA read the statement signed by several groups in HK and handed it to the Vice Consul of the Royal Thai Consulate who was present during the protest action together with some of his colleagues while other protesters chanted their demands. The protest action was concluded after the hand-in of the statement.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Invitation to join the Protest Action in front of Thai Consulate

PROTEST ALERT: The ASA together with other human rights, migrant organization and workers union will have the protest action in front of the Thai Consulate in Hong Kong.

Everyone is welcome to join this protest. Following are the information for you to attend the protest action.

WHEN: Wednesday, 3 November 2004
WHERE: Royal Thai Consulate General, Fairmont House, 8 Cotton Tree Drive, Central.
TIME: 1:00 PM

MEETING PLACE AND TIME: MTR - Admiralty Station, Hang Seng Bank at 12:45pm

Many people criticised that Hong Kong people quite passive and not concern the international issues. This is the imprtant event that you and I need to be there in order to stop such inhuman treatment to the protester. See you all tomorrow! Solidarity with the South Thai People!

Congratulation to ANNFSU for their successful National Conference

The strong, fabulous and glorious students organization, All Nepal Free Students' Union(ANNFSU) has grandly and successfully lunched its 17th National Conference from Oct 2-7 at Birgung: the industrial city of Nepal.

Thousand of students marched the rally in Birgung city articulating Peace for the nation to break through the undergoing devastation and bloody situation of the country. The main slogan of the historical 17th national conference was new constitution for "Forward-Going and Peace and strong student movement for the Alleviation of Educational Problems!?"

The conference was inaugurated by Secretary General of Communist Party of Nepal United Marxist and Lenist (CPN-UML) Com. Madhav Kumar Nepal. As a Chief Guest com. Nepal expressed his views about the significance of students' movement in Nepal.

During inauguration Ceremony CPN(UML) Central Committee Member and students'In charge Com.Surendra Pandey as well as other Central Committee members , different students organizations leaders , Secretary of Asian Students Association Madhav Nepal , President of Student Unity of Bangladesh (SUB) ;Rafiqual Islam Sujon, First Secretary of Pashtoonkhawq students Organization (PSO); Ahmed Jan ,Finance chief of Non-Alien Youth Alliance (NAYAO);Rajan Basnet expressed their greetings and solidarity for the conference success.

Several important resolutions were past through including the current education situation, political situation and the student movement.

The ASA send our congratulation to ANNFSU for the successful of 17th National Conference. We will work together closer with the new leadership to uphold the people's rights and the justice in Asia and Pacific.

Monday, November 01, 2004

South Thailand Update: 1,100 Detainees freed

More 1,100 Muslim detained after the a riot on Oct 25 were freed last Saturday. However, according to the military officer, there were still 113 kept in custody to be prosecuted, including those thought to be the ringleaders of the riot.

The army also lifted the curfew imposed in parts of Narathiwat. However, violence continued in the troubled region. Two men riding to work in Narathiwat were fatally shot by motorcycle gunmen, and a former village headman in Yala province was also killed.

The Thai government still defence the roles of the military and the security forces in fulfilled their duties last Saturday. Thaksin strongly denied this is something about the religion, but is about the national security and safety for all Thais.

However, Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said on Saturday the activity of "Islamic extremists" posed "a significant problem in southern Thailand and this is something the Thai authorities are going to have to focus on in a major way".

Again, we are bombarding with different contradicted views between the different nation leaders. Anyway, there is a need for the independent investigation. However, we suspicious the intergrity and credibility of the Independent Commission that set up by Thaksin Administration. One of the panel of legal and cultural experts is to be headed by Pichet Soonthornpipit, a former inspector general of parliament.

How you can expect this commission to run a fully independent, accountable and legitimate exercise?

Mahathir's controversial remarks on Southern Thailand

Ex-Malaysia PM, Mahathir known with his controversial and provocate statements in his 22 years PM post in Malaysia. This practice seems not stop even he already resigned Oct 31, 2003.

His suggestion to the Thai's government to consider to give the autonomy to Pattani, the southern part of Thai. Mahathir's remark pitch the nerve of the Thai's government. Thai rebuked Mahathir statement immediately. They criticised Mahahtir for his ignorance to the national political and economical situation.

just after the Mahathir remark, about 40 students went to Malaysia Embassy to send the protest to Malaysia.

Sound so familar for me. Mahathir also criticised those who against his administration policies and practice as foreign intervention to Malaysia's politic and economic. Those don't know the reality and the real situation in Malaysia such as former US Vice President, Al-Gore and other "western" hegemony leaders for their criticism on Malaysian human rights records.

This is the hypocrisy of many ASEAN member countries. Everyone just want to maintain their status quo. None of them will dare to speak against the human rights violation, dictatorship, bad governance etc. The unite basis just based on the economic prospect.

Anyway, Mahathir's provocative remarks brought us to think about the autonomy of the Southern Thailand. Will it the main reason behind the protest? Can autonomy solve the current conflict? Is this the demands from the people in Southern Thailand?

Let's discuss it further.