Friday, November 05, 2004

Road to WTO Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong

BREAKING NEWS: The ASA together with other local organizations working out the upcoming preparation meeting for the WTO Ministerial Conference in December 2005. The ASA is one of the secretariat member in International Coordinating Network (ICN).

At the same time, the set up of the Hong Kong People Alliance Against WTO (HKPAAW) last month already speed up the momentum of the local preparation towards the WTO. The main target of this alliance is to mobilize the local people to understand about the WTO through public awareness event.

As our member's concerns, the ASA is going to mobilize all the member organizations to actively participate this event. Therefore, for those who are outside of Hong Kong. You are welcome to log on to the ICN official website to know further about the preparation of the February 26 to 27 Preparation Conference.

All my fellow readers, please keep update the progress of the preparation through email or even any other related activities. Let's us map out the strategies toward the WTO Ministerial Conference.