Saturday, February 19, 2005

ANNFSU's Statement on King Gyanendra's Martial Rule

Dear all,

We strongly comdem the act of king Gyanendra' authority to arrest one of very famous and well-known human right activists of our country, Gauri Pradhan while returning from Rome via Bangkok. The world is very familiar about the newly developed situation of our country.

The situation of Kathmandu right now is very funny - all the fundamental rights of people were taken away by the king and the streets are full of police and the army.

Khimlal Bhattrai
ANNFSU President

From the secretariat:

1) Gauri Pradhan was a former member of the Asian Students Association and was very active in the Nepalese student movement.

2) Yesterday, the king called for a celebration of their democracy day. Even the Nepalese Consulate here in Hong Kong encouraged the Nepalese migrant community to join in the merriment.

3) We asked: What celebration? What democracy? Ah, the king's version of democracy. Meaning, no democracy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Malaysia Students Suspended for More than 4 years!

BREAKING NEWS: Malaysian government and judiciary once again created the world guiness record. This time is seven students were suspended from their universities nearly 4 years!

The seven are accused of participating in an anti-Internal Security Act (ISA) demonstration outside the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur on June 8, 2001. They have since been banned from attending classes by the four universities where they had been studying.

They pleaded not guilty to the charge, which provides for a maximum two-year jail sentence, a fine of up to RM10,000 or both.

One of the secretariat members, Khai Loon presented in the court to deliver the solidarity message to the ISA 7. Together with him was the representatives from different student organizations in Malaysia.

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur!

I was out of the office since Feb 4 for the Chinese New Year vacation with my family, friends and comrades in Malaysia.

Besides, the preparation for the coming Southeast Asia Women Training Camp is going in a steadfast mode. For those who received the invitation letter from the ASA secretariat, please submit your country report and registration form.

Keep the fire burning and see you all soon!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Photos of the Rally at the Nepalese Consulate

Madhav Nepal (in khaki jacket), one of our regional secretariat, handed the statement to the Nepali Consulate representative in today's picket. Looking on are Frida (extreme left) Tibi Gurung (beside Madhav). Posted by Hello

Elizabeth Tang, chief executive of Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, expressed her solidarity with the Nepalese peoples in their campaignagainst the current dictatorial rule of the king in Nepal in a picket protest at the Nepali Consulate today, February 4. Posted by Hello

Bim ji of FEONA criticized the Nepali king's proclamation of martial rule in their country. FEONA calls for the immediate restoration of democracy. Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 03, 2005

How Gyanendra Is Protecting the People of Nepal

Gyanendra got crazy and appeared in a nationwide broadcast on Tuesday (February 1, 2005) to announce the dismissal of the government and the suspension of constitutional rights to freedom of speech and assembly, the rights to privacy and property and the right against preventive detentions.He gave the Royal Nepal Army, which operates under his direct command, greater powers to control the media, communication and people’s lives.He mobilized troops into newspaper, television and radio offices to direct news coverage and ban criticism on the palace. Editors were summoned to the palace and given a warning against any negative reporting – a threat of “disappearance” by the security forces should he fail to comply. Military surrounded houses of politicians, placing them under house arrest while some are taken away to unknown places as numbers of student leaders and political activists are being rounded up. The greed with a name – Gyanendra – has made the lives of the Nepalese people far worse. This he made real after the massacre of King Birendra’s whole family. Many times the parliament was dissolved, the government officials replaced. Many times he placed the powers in his bloodied hands.

If we think seriously, there were a lot of possible motives behind of king Gyanendra: He said by television he is doing this to save the sovereignty of the Nepalese people. We say, every dictator has said this in the past. No military can save people’s democracy except the people themselves. So, how can Gyanendra save peoples sovereignty through his military? If we see the budget of Nepal, can this prove that he is indeed protecting people? i. Has he ever thought of the people in Karnali Zone, for example, scrimping for food while he lavishes on his own feasts?
ii. Does he think about those people without shoes while he flies around with his own helicopters?
iii. Does it bother him people die of cold as they have not enough clothes while he revels at the sight of jewelry on his bodice?
iv. Has he remembered the growing number of out-of-school youth while his son receives British education in London? v. Does he even care about schools closing down as his own military for his security expands?
vi. Has it ever occurred to him, or is he just denying the fact, that what he is actually spending is the people’s money, and not his?
Gyanendra - his ideas of protecting and securing people’s lives and livelihood are not to the latter’s benefit.

Talk about sweet words from the crocodile who sheds tears.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Resist King Gyanendra’s fascist monarchy! End the state of emergency in Nepal! Uphold and defend the Nepalese people’s right to self-determination!

We, the officers and members of the Asian Students Association, are deeply concerned about the Nepalese King Gyanendra’s announcement of placing direct sovereign power into his own hands in both Nepal radio and television today, February 1, 2005.

This royal proclamation of the king maligns and betrays the spirit of the constitution and the Nepalese people’s movement of 1990.

By placing the whole country under the state of emergency, the armed forces under his direct control have been stationed all over Nepal. Curfews have been announced anew, all telecommunication lines cut and the airport shut. Leaders of various communist and political parties have placed under military control or supervision.

This exhibition of state terrorism, the king’s exploitation and abuse of his monarchical powers, the power in the hands of the Royal Nepalese Army speak nothing of democracy. It is an affront to the Nepalese people’s cry for democracy, justice and peace in their motherland.

ASA condemns in the strongest terms the king’s declaration of dictatorial rule over Nepal. His martial rule tramples upon the right of the Nepalese people to self-determination, democracy, human rights, freedom and peace.

We express strongly our solidarity with the Nepalese people in their continuing struggle against all forms of repression. We know and we believe that the courage of the Nepalese people will not fail them as proven by the movement they have led in 1990.

To the international community, we appeal for all of us to unite with and support the Nepalese people in resisting the repressive and exploitative system of Nepal. Altogether, let us demand that:

i. The state of emergency be lifted and the King held accountable for his coup;
ii. All communication lines, media outfits and the airport be immediately opened;
iii. The military and police stop mobilizing around Nepal and cease to arrest political leaders and activists;
iv. The Nepalese people’s right to self-determination be recognized, respected and upheld.

Onward with the struggle for peace based on justice, democracy and freedom!

Down with fascist monarchy!
Long live the people’s movement!
Long live international solidarity!

Democracy in Nepal: Under Attack

Today, the King of Nepal, King Gyanendra, declared a state of emergency all over Nepal and assumed all power under him.

Second time in three years, the king once again trespassed on the Nepalese people’s rights and democracy by dismissing the government and virtually administering an autocratic rule.

Both the military and police were seen patrolling Kathmandu while phone lines have been cut. As of this time, we in the ASA have been unable to connect to our member organization, ANNFSU (All National Nepal Free Students Union).

Assuming complete political power over the people is condemnable in itself. What right does King Gyanendra have to say that the present government officials have failed miserably in achieving peace when it was he who has once called for state of emergency, sacked the prime minister, dissolved the cabinet and led an all-out military assault on any people resisting his rule?

What King Gyanendra did is an affront on democracy and sovereignty, birthrights of the Nepalese people, a betrayal to the very essence of peace based on justice.

Let the Nepalese people decide what they want for themselves and their country! Resist the autocratic rule of King Gyanendra!