Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bush Re-elected: Will the world safer?

Bush re-elected as the US President. This morning, the ASA received email from our friends in US. I'll quote some of their feelings and opinions here:

"These are difficult times indeed for the entire human race, first it
was like a dream, then it turned into a nightmare and as I write to all of you,
it is beginning to sink in as a reality-George W Bush Jr. just became the
president of the US for another four years!"

from "When Darkness Find Victory", Sowore Omoyele
Another guy called Ocean Robbins mentioned it as the "SAD DAY"

"George Bush just won 4 more years in office as President of the United
States. And Congress has also moved to the right politically, giving Bush
an easier time moving legislation, getting right-wing judges appointed to the
courts, etc. The policies of this administration, which have been so
devastating to so many, are apparently going to continue."

Will the world become safer or better? What do you think about the Bush victory? What does the Bush's victory mean to you or your people? We would like to hear from you about your feelings or even the analysis.

May God not only bless America but the people of the world. Posted by Hello