Monday, November 01, 2004

South Thailand Update: 1,100 Detainees freed

More 1,100 Muslim detained after the a riot on Oct 25 were freed last Saturday. However, according to the military officer, there were still 113 kept in custody to be prosecuted, including those thought to be the ringleaders of the riot.

The army also lifted the curfew imposed in parts of Narathiwat. However, violence continued in the troubled region. Two men riding to work in Narathiwat were fatally shot by motorcycle gunmen, and a former village headman in Yala province was also killed.

The Thai government still defence the roles of the military and the security forces in fulfilled their duties last Saturday. Thaksin strongly denied this is something about the religion, but is about the national security and safety for all Thais.

However, Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said on Saturday the activity of "Islamic extremists" posed "a significant problem in southern Thailand and this is something the Thai authorities are going to have to focus on in a major way".

Again, we are bombarding with different contradicted views between the different nation leaders. Anyway, there is a need for the independent investigation. However, we suspicious the intergrity and credibility of the Independent Commission that set up by Thaksin Administration. One of the panel of legal and cultural experts is to be headed by Pichet Soonthornpipit, a former inspector general of parliament.

How you can expect this commission to run a fully independent, accountable and legitimate exercise?