Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Closure of WYF Evaluation Meeting

The Evaluation meeting of the World Youth Festival within the International Preparatory Committee was closed with several concrete suggestions.

For those who are looking forward the 4th World Youth Festival, we have not decided on the next hosting country. However, the attendants agreed to discuss it further within the ICMYO framework.

For those who are new with the ICMYO, it stands to International Coordinating Meeting for Youth Organization. The ASA also one of the components together with other regional youth platforms and international youth organizations.

Another significant achievement of the evaluation meeting was to develop the complete documentation for the who process of the preparation for the World Youth Festival. For the first and the second World Youth Festival in Portugal and Panama, none proper document were past to the Barcelona. This was really a tough task for the National Preparatory Committee of the 3rd World Youth Festival. We really appreciate their contribution to this effort.

More importantly, I think for the ASA will be important for us to consider such an huge event to happen in Asia. Whether we have the capacity to hold it and also the resources that need for the World Youth Festival.

Just let me know if you are interested to hold it in your respective country. Dare to dream something that possible to achieve. I think we can do it someday!

Of course, the reality is we are facing the facist, repressive and reactionary regime in our region today. Anyway, it showed how important for us to organize ourselves to fight and resist this obstacles. I strongly believe that we will succeed oneday!