Thursday, November 10, 2005

Divisive points in world trade talks

According to the International Hearld Tribune, there are several divisive points in the world trade negotiation tables. You can have have look on that.

AGRICULTURE: Developing countries like Brazil and India - as well as the United States and certain other developed countries - are seeking deeper cuts from the European Union on tariffs protecting farmers. The EU and the United States are asking large emerging economies like India, China and Brazil to open their markets to more products from developed world growers.

INDUSTRIAL GOODS: The EU, the United States and other industrialized economies are asking large emerging countries like Brazil and India to make deep cuts in tariffs on manufactured goods. In some cases, such tariffs are as much as six times the size of tariffs in advanced economies. Developing countries are seeking lower tariffs on their exports of textiles and shoes.

SERVICES: Developed countries and advanced emerging economies like India are seeking greater access to certain service sectors in the developing. These include telecommunications, banking and express delivery. The more advanced emerging economies are also asking more access to labor markets, allowing professionals from India, China and Brazil to earn higher wages abroad.

POVERTY: The least-developed countries, like Bangladesh, Zambia and Chad, are seeking an end to all tariffs on their exports; West African countries want to eliminate barriers to their cotton exports, to the United States in particular.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Three Sculptures will be showed in People's Action Week

There will be three sculptures will be showed during the People's Action Week (PAW) organized by the Hong Kong People's Alliance on WTO (HKPA). The three sculptures were made by the Danish Artist.