Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Hong Kong Protest Action Calls Thaksin to Resign!

BREAKING NEWS: The Asian Students Association (ASA), Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants (APMM), Asosiasi Tenaga Kerja Indonesia di HK (ATKI-HK), Thai Regional Alliance and friends in Hong Kong held a picket protest this afternoon to denounce the brutal massacre of Muslim protesters last October 25 in Narathiwat, southern Thailand.

The protest action was held at the foot bridge of the Fairmont House Building where the Thai Consulate is located. The HK police and private security forces of the Fairmont House Building prevented the protesters to enter the building where the Thai Consulate Office is located.

Twenty-four representatives of migrant organizations, students groups and human rights advocates were present during the protest action.To symbolize the massacre,. three protesters in Muslim garb had their hands tied as another one donning a Thaksin mask pointed a gun at their heads.

A representative of the Thai Regional Alliance in HK spoke about the human rights situation in Thailand and call for justice for all the victims of human rights violations in Thailand. The protesters shouted: "Justice to all the victims of Southern Thailand Massacre! Prosecute those responsible to the brutal crime! and Release the remaining 189 detainees! Thaksin Resign!"

Lee Khai Loon of ASA read the statement signed by several groups in HK and handed it to the Vice Consul of the Royal Thai Consulate who was present during the protest action together with some of his colleagues while other protesters chanted their demands. The protest action was concluded after the hand-in of the statement.