Monday, November 01, 2004

Mahathir's controversial remarks on Southern Thailand

Ex-Malaysia PM, Mahathir known with his controversial and provocate statements in his 22 years PM post in Malaysia. This practice seems not stop even he already resigned Oct 31, 2003.

His suggestion to the Thai's government to consider to give the autonomy to Pattani, the southern part of Thai. Mahathir's remark pitch the nerve of the Thai's government. Thai rebuked Mahathir statement immediately. They criticised Mahahtir for his ignorance to the national political and economical situation.

just after the Mahathir remark, about 40 students went to Malaysia Embassy to send the protest to Malaysia.

Sound so familar for me. Mahathir also criticised those who against his administration policies and practice as foreign intervention to Malaysia's politic and economic. Those don't know the reality and the real situation in Malaysia such as former US Vice President, Al-Gore and other "western" hegemony leaders for their criticism on Malaysian human rights records.

This is the hypocrisy of many ASEAN member countries. Everyone just want to maintain their status quo. None of them will dare to speak against the human rights violation, dictatorship, bad governance etc. The unite basis just based on the economic prospect.

Anyway, Mahathir's provocative remarks brought us to think about the autonomy of the Southern Thailand. Will it the main reason behind the protest? Can autonomy solve the current conflict? Is this the demands from the people in Southern Thailand?

Let's discuss it further.