Friday, February 03, 2006

Support the Campaign for the Protection of the Homeless Labor in Osaka Japan

This is a message from Kosuke Nakagiri, a Japanese journalist and activist who was one of the 14 arrested protesters during the people's action week against the World Trade Organization.

He is very active in the campaign for the protection of homeless people in Osaka. Please read through and give your support.

Thank you


Forced eviction on homeless labor by Osaka City Government
finally becomes a reality.

At Uthubo-Park (20 people live in the tent) and Osaka Castle Park (Five
tents are objects of the forced expulsion, among about 100 people living),
Osaka Government started the procedure of the forced expulsion for those of who sleeping in the park on this 5th January.

Speed of the procedure is so fast that eviction may be done on 20th to 23th January fastest. If this forced eviction is executed, it will be first case after "Homeless special measures method" enforced for Osaka City and since exclusion in Nagoya City Shirakawa Park on 24th January last year.

I report to have many people to take interest about this struggle.

The eviction of homeless people is correctly the justification of the
murder. This abnormal competitive world. The world that rich become more
rich besides the poor become more poor. The eviction is the death sentence
to those who is one of the maximum victims of such world ; the administration
saying, we deserts you. It doesn't care though it lives though it dies. The
way things are going, "Reason for killing one" is buried again by our

Please give the voice of the protest from your place. Please extend the
hand of unity to poorest people.

More information, please see Brog of the Kamagasaki Patrol. We have English
contents and Photos.

Please protest against Osaka City.

It's OK by the easy one. Please send the voice of the protest to following
address, saying that "Stop the eviction". We would be greatly appreciated when the copy can be sent to:



Osaka City Mayor :Junichi Seki
TEL: 81-6-6208-7231
FAX: 81-6-6202-6950
〒530-8201 Osaka City Kita Ward Nakanoshima 1-3-20

The west district park office
〒550-0004 west district Hommachi 2-1-4

The East district park office
〒540-0002 Chuo Ward Osaka castle 3-11

Yutori toMidori Development and Promotion Bureau