Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Left takes over in Latin America

UPDATE: On January 15, 2006 Chile elected its first women president, Michelle Bachelet, who will continue the centre-left policy of her predecessor, Ricardo Lagos Escobar.

With 53.5% of the vote, Michelle Bachelet, 54, beat the right-wing candidate, Sebastian Pinera, to become Chile's first ever women president, swept to power on a promise of more work and a continuation of President Lagis' socially progressive policies. She has promised to enhance the role played by women and indigeneous communities in Chile.

After Eva Morales elected to become the President of Bolivia end of December 2005, there are more left wing government in Latin America. The situation worry the United States because there are more headache counterpart for them to deal with. Before it is Fidel Castro from Cuba, then Hugo Chavez from Venezuela.

Now US has to deal with the Bolivia and Chile. Those are the big counterparts in Latin America. However, as the neo-liberalism is popularising in the world, how these left-wing government intrtoduce new policies on the economy, public services and other sectors that benefit the people due to monitor.

The ASA congratulate the people in the Latin America who decided the future of their nation and the direction that the leaders have to take. The whole process was conducted through the democracy process and without the intervention of the US. The democracy that implement in the Latin America now is another model for the people in the world who fight for the democracy and better world.