Tuesday, January 17, 2006

ASA on Voice of Taiwan

UPDATE: The ASA secretariat member, Khai Loon was interviewed by The Voice of Taiwan, an internet radio in Taiwan. In the session called "The Wind of Freedom", it interviewed different people in Asia especially the Chinese speaking activists, opinion leaders, community leaders and etc.

For those who understand Chinese, you can log in here. The program was on January 7. Just take note that the program was last for 45 minutes. The interview part was in the last part of the program. Starting from 22nd minutes to 43rd minutes.

For those who are not understand Chinese, I briefly introduced the contents of the interview. The interview mainly touched about the organization structure and members of the ASA. At the same time, the position of the ASA on difference issues such as globlization, political situation in Asia-Pacific and also the social movement in the region.

Let's us utlize all the media for our outreach to more audiences and public.