Monday, January 09, 2006

ASA Secretariat will join the 24-hour Hunger Strike

UPDATE: The photo showed the mass protest rally to call the Hong Kong government to release the 14 protesters immediately unconditionally.

Following the protest rally on the January 8 (Sunday), there will be 24-hour hunger strike to support the WTO political prisorners.

With the title of "Beginning the Hunger Strike for Solidarity and Justice -- Our Struggle Against the WTO is Not Over!", the Hong Kong People's Alliance on WTO (HKPA) will have 24-hour from January 10 to 11 outside the Kwun Tong Law Court Building.

The ASA Secretariat will join the 24-hour hunger strike to show our solidarity to those who are still unable to go back to their home country. At the same time, we will join the overnight sit-in to protest the Hong Kong government for this illegal detention.

For those who are in Hong Kong in this moment, please come forward to join us. Let us do something to release those who are illegal detain by the Hong Kong government. If you cannot come to join us at 3pm, you can join us for the candle light vigil at 7pm-9.30pm. Please bring along your own sleeping bag if you will join the overnight sit-in.