Thursday, January 12, 2006

Not Guilty! Free them now!

BREAKING NEWS: Longlive International Solidarity! All of the HK 14 can go home and reunite with their family. The After one-month long struggle against the imperialist tool, WTO, the HK 14 who are charged by the Hong Kong government, 11 of them were drop charges, 2 of them were charged under unlawful assembly and 1 of them was charged under unauthorized assembly.

However, three of them can be bailed out unconditionally with HK$30,000 each. All of the HK 14 can go home. The 11 Korean will go home on Friday. Besides, the HKPA and the Korean will have the farewell party for all of them on the evening of January 12 (Thursday). For those who are in Hong Kong can join all of us.

As mentioned in the previous blog, all the ASA secretariat members including the outgoing Secretariat, Madhav joined the hunger strike. All of us stay in front the court house overnight. It was a meaningful and significant event for the ASA in solidarity to release the HK 14.

Both the ASA secretariat members, Khai Loon and Rey also represented the ASA to deliver the solidarity message to more than 100 of the hunger strikers. With the highest spirit and strong courages, the hunger strike was a successful to get the attention of the people. The public also very supportive to the campaign of the released.