Monday, January 16, 2006

Sook Hwa's Court Case Postponed to February 16

UPDATE: As the Attorney-General was unable to present the written report to reject the appeal of Sook Hwa to challenge the University and College Universities Act (UUCA), the High Court postponed the decision whether to accept the case filing by Sook Hwa. The High Court will handle the case on February 16. If the High Court allow her appeal, it will become the first court case to challenge the AUKU in Malaysia.

Sook Hwa involved in the election campaign for Tian Chua, the Vice President of the People Justice Party in Malaysia 2004 General Election. She was punished by serious warning and a fine of 200 RM (around 56USD) by the University Science of Malaysia (USM).

The ASA expresses its solidarity and actively joins the campaign on the abolition of the UUCA. We shall update you with the current update on this case. For those who are interested to know more about this issue, please contact the ASA secretariat.