Friday, January 13, 2006

Goodbye, see you in March!

UPDATE: Last night, the HKPA held a solidarity farewell party to the HK 14. There were around 100 supporters fill up the limited space on the rooftop of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Union (HKCTU). The atmosphere was so touched, warmed and full of solidarity.

The ASA Secretariat attended the solidarity farewell party together with some volunteers. All of the HK 14 were given a ASA T-shirt that full of inspiration of the struggles. As ASA always emphasized "Your struggle is my struggle", the continously support with those protesters never reluctant.

In fact, there are still three of the protesters charged by the Hong Kong government. They will come back to Hong Kong in March. Therefore, the pressures to call for the release them without any condition will be continued. This is just the beginning of the struggle, we will prepare for the next battle.

Longlive International Solidarity!

Junk Junk WTO!