Thursday, January 19, 2006

Oust Gyanendra Now!

BREAKING NEWS: Various sources reporteed that autocratic King Gyanendra's regime has arrested over 200 people in Nepal this morning. The massive crackdown on the people's movement included disrupted the international telephone services; cut off the telephone line of political leaders, human right defenders and civil society activists; cut off all the mobile telephone lines and armies are marching on the Kathmandu streets.

The most senior political leaders including Madhav Kumar Nepal (General Secretary of CPN-UML) and Girija Pradad Koirala (President of Nepali Congress Party) have been kept in home arrest. It is an undeclared curfew in Kathmandu now. Among those arrested are the senior leaders of the political parties, journalists, human rights activists, leaders from the civil society. All of them were arrested from their own home in the early hour of today at 5:00 am (January 19).

In response to this crackdown, the seven party alliance will have a massive mobilization of people for peaceful demonstration in Kathmandu on January 20 (tomorrow). With the intensify of the people's movement, the regime has stepped up its suppressive move against the political parties, human rights defenders and civil society people.

At the same time, Gyanendra's government has declared the Capital city the restriction zone and banned any peaceful assembly, rallies and demonstration of people. It seems like a semi-curfew situation in Nepal. It has imposed curfew in capital city and several major cities from 9:00 pm. to 6:00 am. It had already handed down 90 days warrant papers to the 16 detainees who were arrested the days before yesterday from the peaceful demonstrations.

This is so far we know now and we will let you know further when the situation develops further....