Monday, January 02, 2006

An Asia-Pacific Youth and Students Comprehensive Platform

UPDATE: One of the important agenda of the 16th General Conference was the call to transform the Asian Students Association into a regional platform of youth and students in Asia Pacific. The current standing of the ASA makes for itself a good foundation to take the challenge at hand – addressing the comprehensive concerns of the youth sector in the region – from land rights to wages, social services to employment, from education to issues of self determination, food sovereignty and security.

Another significant organization change will be the formation of executive committee. They shall be elected as individuals as they help in paving the way for a special conference that will not only formalize the revitalized and developed platform but elect and ensure the involvement and participation of those coming various sectors, aside from the students.

The member organizations of the ASA reach the consensus to approve the concept paper draft by the secretariat. The further implementation and the transformation of the ASA will be mapped out by the To Build Programme that will take place in the near future. The new leadership including the members of the Executive Council (Exco) will responsible to make sure the transformation of the ASA on the right track including the timetable of the constitution amendment.