Thursday, January 05, 2006

Education is not for sale!

BREAKING NEWS: The Hong Kong Federation of Students organized a protest action in front of the Hong Kong Legislative Council Building this morning. They called the government to stop the outsourcing of the grant-loan to the private institution.

The Hong Kong government's decision to privatize the grant-loan system was unacceptable due to several reasons:

1. The profit-driven companies will burden the students and their parents. It will make the education only affordable to those who have the financial capacity.

2. The loan record of the students will be part of the database under the financial system in Hong Kong, it will affect the future of the students who graduated by increase the interest of the loan in other aspects.

3. The privatization of the grant-loan is part of the government's policies that want to implement "small government, big market". The neo-liberal policies that privatized all the public sectors.

The ASA secretariat also presented in the protest action. The protest action ended by burned the document of the privatize the grant-loan. Together with the chanting of "Education is not for sale!" and some other Cantonese slogans.