Sunday, January 08, 2006

Release the 14 protesters NOW!

UPDATE: The Hong Kong People's Alliance on WTO (HKPA) organized a protest rally from Wan Chai to the Police Headquater, then marched towards the Central Government Office (CGO) to call the Hong Kong government to release the 14 protesters immediately unconditionally.

About 500 protesters chanted the "Release Now!", "Drop All Charges!" "Not Guilty!" etc throughout the possession. As the protesters arrived the Police headquater, there was a minor dispute regarding the protest area. The police only "gazetted" a small area for the protesters. It caused a lot of anger and furious of the protesters. Fortunately, the negotiation team of the HKPA managed to fight for a bigger place and let the protesters to go closer to the Police Headquater. All the programs were conducted in the peaceful manner. The police representative also came out to receive the protest letter from the HKPA.

After the protest action in front the Police Headquater, the whole posession proceeded the protest rally towards the Central Government Office in Central. There were a lot of Hong Kong public raised their concerns and sympathy towards those Hunger strikers who are also join the mass rally. Even it was their fourth day of the hunger strike, but their spirit was still militant and agitated. They sang the militant song which is also translated into Cantonese, the local version.

The protest action was touched the people because the 14 protesters are illegal detained. They were seperated from their love one and family. They have to leave their land without any curtail. Their suffering live under the WTO become more devastating after the detention by the HK government.

The ASA urged the government to release them immediately and give them back their freedom. Free the HK 14 now!