Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Kamagasaki: The Ugly side of Japan Glory!

When we heard about Japan, the first impression that came into our mind will be the advanced technology, developed country and may be the culprit of the World War II.

Anyway, many of us might be shocked when we visited a place called Kamagasaki.

What is Kamagasaki about? Any special of this place that took one hour journey to travel from Kyoto to Osaka by AASJA members and I? Anything that brought our attention?

Actually, today was rainning for the whole day non-stop. We were wet by the rain. Anyway we also noticed that that the men sleeping in the parks and on the streets are the very men whose labor built the modern buildings that they will see in Osaka and all over Japan. It is these men who are left homeless, as age and lack of work leaves them without a future.

We hardly to find women here. I was told that they have had to struggle to keep things going at home while their husbands were away... 'temporarily'. There are not very many women living in the area, but those who do, have had a much more difficult time surviving, daily. Easier to find will be the area next to Kamagasaki that still maintains houses of prostitution left over from the past when, as now, for a price, women are a prize for men.

Kamagasaki (some links that you can refer for further studies) stands as an ugly side of the human civilization development or even the globalization.

For those who are still want to promote the globalization and the positive side of the globalization, I request them to go to Kamagasaki to witness the impacts of the human exploitation.