Monday, October 18, 2004

First Speaking Tour in Toyo University Launched

All the efforts and courtesy went to AASJA-Tokyo. Due to their strong commitment and the determination, the ASA managed to launch the first hit on the series speaking tours in Japan. It's a good start point for the ASA and AASJA to organize such an important globalization talk in Japan.

The Globalization talk was held in Toyo University. Before the talk, most of the members in AASJA and Asia Solidarity Movement members were gathered in front of the Shinjuku Metro Station to distribute the flyer about the coming activities in December, oppose Okinawa US military base.

The talk was speaked by ASA regional secretary and the member from the AASJA, Tyono. I spoke mainly about the globalization and the impacts to the people in the first world and the third world.

My presentation was mainly focus on the power point that developed by the ASA secretariat. The presentation abled to get the attention of the audience to understand the issue of the globalization. Even it took about 1 hour 30 minutes, nobody fell to sleep. I think is something that need to be mentioned.

Besides, it also showed the willingness of the Japanese to learn is stronger than other countries people. This is something that we really have to study. I already witnessed the enthusiastic of the Japanese in the August 2003 in Philippine. They took notes and asked questions actively.

AASJA also presented the report on the last September Philippine study trip. With the photos from the Philippine, the presentation was so attractive and get the attention from the audiences.

The whole session took about 3 hours. I really enjoyed and learn from the AASJA as well.

Thanks to AASJA for provided me a wonderful dinner after the talk!