Saturday, October 16, 2004

Experienced the Japan consumerism

After the meeting, I invited my counterpart in ESIB to walk from the Tokyo University (Hongo-3-Chome) to Ikebukuro, one of the hot spots for night life and shopping activities in Japan.

First of all, the journey was so long. We just wanted to experienced the different scenes in Tokyo by walking because took a train sometime only can see the wall, or always full of people (like the sardin fish in tin).

With this decision, we had to walk for more than 4 kilometres that took around 3 hours. It's a good experiences that we could see how is the living standard of the Tokyo. The income of the people should not less than 114,000 Yen to have a decent life.

Of course this figure only for a person who have to work days a week. The transportation form the suburb to the town for work will cost around 800 yen per day. The food and other expenses will cost you about 2000 yen per day. This is not including the rental and other stuff. Therefore, imagine how difficult for an unemployed people to live in Tokyo.

Everything is so convenient to access and we found that the restaurants really appeared in every corner of the Ikebukuro. You will never get hungry if you got the money.

The city is full of games that you can experience the excitement of the cyber. The innovative and creative of the Japanese definately couldn't arguable. But it do cost the social impact of the people in general.

All you cab do in Tokyo is consuming. Only consume can recover the economy that in the downturn. Hopefully we can talked more about that after I went to more places for the observation.