Sunday, October 17, 2004

What's Okinawa means to you?

Today, I went to Ueno for sightseeing. The Ueno Park is known as the pathway to history and the culture of the Japan. However, I think the whole trips in the afternoon didn't really impress me much. The biggest impact that I felt today was the evening discussion in AASJA member's house.

Together with AASJA's members, 5 of us had a very interesting discussion. First, we watched the documentary about the struggles against the expansion of the Narita Airport, which I used when I arrived Japan.

The second documentary was about the struggle to resist the US Military Bases in Okinawa. This was the highlight of the day. First of all, they showed their patient to explain the background and the development of the Okinawa to me.

I felt embarassed because of my ignorance about the history of the Okinawa. It will be better if I can at least know something more about Okinawa, then we could have a better exchange and indepth discussion.

Anyway, some of you may know about Okinawa. What Okinawa means to you? Any specific incident that remind you about Okinawa? If you feel that Okinawa is part of Japan, you are right partly. Why?

Because Okinawa is not only part of Japan. But her history told us that geographically Okinawa is an important place for the military strategies. That's why 75% of the US Military Bases in Japan is in Okinawa.

Is now for us to learn more about Okinawa. May be you planned to travel there or have a vacation there. No matter what, just hope that you will experienced the picket line that happens in Heneko. Show your solidarity to them to stop the US Military Bases.