Thursday, October 14, 2004

Joined Japan People Against the International Conference on Reconstruction in Iraq

The next day after the arrival in Tokyo, I already participated and experienced the protest rally organized by the AASJA together with other organizations in Japan. It's my first time joined the protest action in the imperialist country.

The people in Japan organized a protest action towards the International Conference from the Donors in Iraq. It's mainly promote by the US and Japan for the Iraq reconstruction.

The reconstruction in Iraq always been the excuse for many countries to get access to their oil resources. As we all know, Iraq has the world number two oil reserve. It's really important for all the kindly "donors" to contribute and committed in the reconstruction.

The protest was attended by almost one hundred people. The protesters were surrounded by the police in order to make sure the social order. Anyway, the protest was abled to conduct in a proper way without any conflict with the police.

There were several speeches made by the Japanese organization leaders, which I couldn't understand their remarks. Anyway, I got their main message that the war is unjust and call the Self Defence Forces withdrawal from Iraq.

It's a significant protest. Even only 100 protesters in the busiest town in Tokyo called Shibuya, but it already sent a strong messages to the people who crowded in Shibuya.

This was the first activities in Japan. Let's me continue to update you other information that I'm going to attend in the coming few days.