Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sharing Session with Anti Capitalism Action (ACA)

After the protest action, I was invited by the AASJA together with the members of the Anti Capitalism Action (ACA). We had a drinking session and discussed about the issues of globalization. Of course the coming WTO Ministerial Conference became the main topic.

The place that I went was the thypical traditional Japanese teahouse that you can order beer and other alcohol drinks as well. Due to the late protest action, this sharing session also provided all the participants with the dinner. Local dishes with different ways of cooking served to us.

The discussion last for an hour until 11pm. After that we took the train to go back to the suburd called Asaka. It took us more than an hour to go back from Shinkuju to Asaka. Nakamura who purposely came from Kyoto for the ticket about 130,000 yen also went to Asaka with me.

Of course, we had another session of beers in Hamasaki and Tsuichiya house!