Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Arigato, my friends in AASJA and Japan

Tonight is my last night in Japan, I'm going back to Hong Kong tomorrow afternoon. This was a wonderful and fruitful trip for the ASA and me as well.

It's a great experiences for the ASA secretariat to have such an important and significant speaking tours in Japan. We see Japan as one of our target countries to work on the anti-imperialism movement in the world.

Without the commitment of the AASJA from Tokyo, Kyoto and Yamaguchi, I think this trip couldn't reach out so many young people and the students in different universities. We do have the same goal, promote the anti-imperialist globalization to all of our fellow people in the world.

I found that was extremely hard to organize the youth and students in Japan to stand up to resist the imperialist globalization. However the determination of the AASJA-Japan provide me the hope of the victory. Their consistantly in the organizing work definately need our moral supports and solidarity.

May be it will be great for the members from other countries also considered the same approach to organized such speaking tour inside your respectives country. The campaign anti-imperialist globalization need to be radicalized. The ASA secretariat will always with you for any information and assistance as well.

Once again, Arigato Kochaimas, Thank you my friends in AASJA and Japan for your warming hospitality reception. This trip will definately become one of my invaluable memories.