Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Powell visited East Asia, What's message behind this?

US Secretary of State, Colin Powell visited Japan and China recently. Less than two weeks before the US Presidential Election take place, his visit definately wanted to boost the image of the incumbent President Bush.

More interestingly, his visits to East Asia particularly in Japan and Tokyo did not bring any surprise or encouraging progress by re-emphasised that North Korea as the "terrorist state" and the negotiation of the US Military Bases expansion in Okinawa. Will it any different with his visit to East Asia? How far will the spin doctors of Bush campaign team going to spin with this efforts? Let's us keep an eye on that progress in the US media.

The six-party talks did important in bringing the region's peace and stability. However, the pressures of the US towards the China as the influencial power in the region seems blamed China that less commitment in bringing the peace in the region.

Indeed, why US is so busy with the roles of the world police? In order to protect the benefits of the US in the region, the US will not give up her influences in the region by putting more military bases in the region. Okinawa is a clear example.

We, as people in Asia, who love the genuine peace that with the justice, definately will not buy the foreign policies of the US in the region. The present of the US Military Bases in Asia is a threat to the peace, not vice versa.