Thursday, March 16, 2006

Meeting with ABSDF and others ASA members in Mae Sot

UPDATE: It was a great meeting between the Regional Secretariat member and the members of the ASA in Mae Sot. Since the 15th General Conference in Bangkok in 2002, the members of the ASA from Burma, All Burma Student Democratic Front (ABSDF flag was on the left), All Burma Free Student Union (ABFSU) and DPNS Student Wing were not able to join any particular ASA activities.

Due to the restriction of the travel document, many of the Burmese activisits unable to travel to other countries. Their freedom of movement are seriously denied by the Thai authority and the discrimination from the destination countries too. Many of the ASA members would like to participate in the programs of the ASA. However the reality of their refugee status always stop them.

The visit of the ASA secretariat to Mae Sot was the first time in the ASA history. Khai Loon is the first secretariat member visit our member organizations office in Mae Sot. It was a solidarity visit and deliver our concrete support to their movement.

The meeting was fruitful and full of thoughts. Due to lack of communication since the 2002 General Conference, the meeting in Mae Sot really meaningful in term of update each other and understand the current situation of both sides. The meeting also came out with several resolutions as follow:

1. August 8 will be the international day of action to pressure the military junta to release all the political prisoners inside Burma.

2. Noveber 17 will the international students day. The ASA shall conduct a students right campaign for the young people in Burma.

3. December 10, the International Human Rights Day and the 15th Anniversary of Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, the ASA shall conduct the solidarity campaign to call for the release of Suu Kyi and other political prisoners.

Hope all our members will take note on these dates. We shall have a unite action towards the freedom and democracy of Burma.