Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The trial of 5 students postponed!

UPDATE: Five USM students who faced the discipline action for issuing press statement and distributing leaflets was postponed in the last minute. Sek Choon Shiou (photo on the left) and another four university mates were reliefed temporary after received the news.

Even the trial was postponed, the charges on the 5 students still up to the Vice Chanselor to decide. The university authority has the final word to take disciplinary action or free the students from the charges. Therefore, the members of the ASA who received our email or urgent appeal, please continue to pressure the university and the Malaysian government until the charges drop.

Why the university authority suddenly postponed the trial? What caused the authority to buy time to take action on the students?

1. The continously pressures from all over the country, outside the country on the violation of human rights, undemocratic practice in the campus election and repressive move to take displinary action on the students. The solidarity from different sectors pressed the university authority to postpone.

2. Cabinet reshuffle by Prime Minister on February 14. The previous Higher Education Minister, Shaffie was dropped out from the cabinet. Due to his bad reputation and credibility, he was only the few who are dropped. It showed the pressures of the students together with some other civil society in Malaysia.

We shall update to you about the situation and the progress of the trial from time to time. For those who are not yet to deliver their solidarity message to our friends in USM, please do so.