Saturday, February 25, 2006

ASA Visited Indonesia on 15-24 March

UPDATE: The ASA Regional Secretariat member, Khai Loon was in Jakarta, Indonesia from February 15-24 for the official visit to our new member in Indonesia, Front Mahasiswa Nasional (FMN). It was an significant trip because since the ASA Regional Program about the Anti Militarism in Indonesia on 2001, there was no any further official activity in Indonesia.

We are glad that FMN was accepted to join the big family of the ASA. It strengthen the organizing works in the Asia particular in a country that seriously exploited by its ruling elites and the foreign intervention.

If you want to see how the foreign influence affected a country sovereignty, you can go to Indonesia. If you want to see how the life of the people are ignored by the government, you can go to Indonesia. If you want to know more about the the exploitation of the workers, you can visit Indonesia too.

I am not promoting the tourism inside Indonesia, but after several days stayed in Jakarta with the comrades in FMN, that kind of feelings really harrassed me a lot. As an activist, we are not hopeless and always feel optimistic to change the situation. As we are the pogressive youth and students organization in Asia-Pacific, we have to work harder to take up the responsibility to make this world a better place.

For the further report on the visit, I will try to post as many photo as possible to provide you all with a better idea about the movement in Indonesia. Enjoy reading and have a wonderful weekend.