Monday, March 13, 2006

ASA in solidarity with SFT to oust Thaksin!

UPDATE: The Secretariat member, Khai Loon is now in Thailand for the solidarity towards the Student Federation of Thailand (SFT) in their campaign to Oust Thaksin. He attended different protest actions at Sanam Luang since last Sunday (March 5).

As one of the Executive Committee members of the ASA, SFT able to mobilize students from different provinces to Bangkok to join the protest actions. Besides calling Thaksin to get out from his office, they also protested in front of the Singapore Embassy to stop the transaction of the Temasek Holdings on Shin Corp that owned by Thaksin's family.

The struggle of the SFT under the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD), the broad network of different civil society organizations, is steadfast and gaining the momentum. Even Thaksin intensify his own campaign by visit different provinces to gain the confident from the people, but the movement to Oust Thaksin also grow up.

We are in solidarity with the People in Thailand and SFT to struggle for the democracy of the country. We shall update you with more information and insight about the struggle in Thailand.

Here are the article that ASA interviewed by The Nation with the title "A Lesson of Democracy for All" Enjoy reading!