Monday, January 02, 2006

Youth March against WTO

UPDATE: There were plenty of protest actions took place during the People’s Action Week. The outspoken student and youth definitely grabbed that opportunity to unite the young people to deliver our strongest protest to the WTO. With the different culture and styles of rally from different part of the world, the youth march was really colorful but not less militant to express the voice.

Delegates from Philippines leaded the protesters with the songs from Bob Marley. The lyrics were changed in order to suit for the call of education is rights and should not be commodify. The rhythms of the march attracted the attention from the Hong Kong public. Some of them even clapped and wave their hand to support the young people. Some of them even joined the march and sing the songs together with the protesters.

The youth march arrived the protest area with the speeches and performances from different delegates. It was a successful protest in term of media coverage and the public awareness campaign. Although some incidents such as confrontation with the police happened, generally every participant was satisfied with the whole session.