Saturday, February 19, 2005

ANNFSU's Statement on King Gyanendra's Martial Rule

Dear all,

We strongly comdem the act of king Gyanendra' authority to arrest one of very famous and well-known human right activists of our country, Gauri Pradhan while returning from Rome via Bangkok. The world is very familiar about the newly developed situation of our country.

The situation of Kathmandu right now is very funny - all the fundamental rights of people were taken away by the king and the streets are full of police and the army.

Khimlal Bhattrai
ANNFSU President

From the secretariat:

1) Gauri Pradhan was a former member of the Asian Students Association and was very active in the Nepalese student movement.

2) Yesterday, the king called for a celebration of their democracy day. Even the Nepalese Consulate here in Hong Kong encouraged the Nepalese migrant community to join in the merriment.

3) We asked: What celebration? What democracy? Ah, the king's version of democracy. Meaning, no democracy!