Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Resist King Gyanendra’s fascist monarchy! End the state of emergency in Nepal! Uphold and defend the Nepalese people’s right to self-determination!

We, the officers and members of the Asian Students Association, are deeply concerned about the Nepalese King Gyanendra’s announcement of placing direct sovereign power into his own hands in both Nepal radio and television today, February 1, 2005.

This royal proclamation of the king maligns and betrays the spirit of the constitution and the Nepalese people’s movement of 1990.

By placing the whole country under the state of emergency, the armed forces under his direct control have been stationed all over Nepal. Curfews have been announced anew, all telecommunication lines cut and the airport shut. Leaders of various communist and political parties have placed under military control or supervision.

This exhibition of state terrorism, the king’s exploitation and abuse of his monarchical powers, the power in the hands of the Royal Nepalese Army speak nothing of democracy. It is an affront to the Nepalese people’s cry for democracy, justice and peace in their motherland.

ASA condemns in the strongest terms the king’s declaration of dictatorial rule over Nepal. His martial rule tramples upon the right of the Nepalese people to self-determination, democracy, human rights, freedom and peace.

We express strongly our solidarity with the Nepalese people in their continuing struggle against all forms of repression. We know and we believe that the courage of the Nepalese people will not fail them as proven by the movement they have led in 1990.

To the international community, we appeal for all of us to unite with and support the Nepalese people in resisting the repressive and exploitative system of Nepal. Altogether, let us demand that:

i. The state of emergency be lifted and the King held accountable for his coup;
ii. All communication lines, media outfits and the airport be immediately opened;
iii. The military and police stop mobilizing around Nepal and cease to arrest political leaders and activists;
iv. The Nepalese people’s right to self-determination be recognized, respected and upheld.

Onward with the struggle for peace based on justice, democracy and freedom!

Down with fascist monarchy!
Long live the people’s movement!
Long live international solidarity!