Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Democracy in Nepal: Under Attack

Today, the King of Nepal, King Gyanendra, declared a state of emergency all over Nepal and assumed all power under him.

Second time in three years, the king once again trespassed on the Nepalese people’s rights and democracy by dismissing the government and virtually administering an autocratic rule.

Both the military and police were seen patrolling Kathmandu while phone lines have been cut. As of this time, we in the ASA have been unable to connect to our member organization, ANNFSU (All National Nepal Free Students Union).

Assuming complete political power over the people is condemnable in itself. What right does King Gyanendra have to say that the present government officials have failed miserably in achieving peace when it was he who has once called for state of emergency, sacked the prime minister, dissolved the cabinet and led an all-out military assault on any people resisting his rule?

What King Gyanendra did is an affront on democracy and sovereignty, birthrights of the Nepalese people, a betrayal to the very essence of peace based on justice.

Let the Nepalese people decide what they want for themselves and their country! Resist the autocratic rule of King Gyanendra!