Thursday, October 07, 2004

What SBY can promise you?

Following the victory of the Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, more well known as SBY, in the Indonesia Presidential Election, now we all have to see how he going to keep his promises. Can he make a change in Indonesia?

There are few concerns that ASA will keep monitor on him:
1. How the Indonesian relationship with the US-Australia in combatting the "terrorism"? At least we could see outgoing President Megawati have strongly resist the existance of the US and Australia intervention in the "War on Terror" inside Indonesia affairs. Will SBY open the door to US-Australia to send their troops in Indoneisa? How about the Strait of Malacca security issues?

2. As we know that Jemaah Islamiah still consider as the main threat of the region, what kind of strategies or methodologies that he is going to take? Will any national security legislation take place? How he is going to deal with the civil liberty that the people enjoy after the 1998 reformasi?

3. The issues of the Aceh, West Papua, North Sulawesi and other region that going to call for the independent, how SBY going to response to those resistances? Will any army crackdown on those resistances?

4. The IMF-WB have a very strong intervention in the Indonesia economic, what are the economic policies that SBY going to present to the nation? Will Indonesian continue to those condition that implemented by the IMF-WB? The foreign investment welcome the new president with upgrade the grade of the Indoensia.

The first 100 days of SBY in his President office will be our monitor period. Let's see what is his first action and concern as the Indonesia is under the mess situation.