Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Who will be the next World Bank President?

Do you want to change the President of World Bank?

Just after ASA attended the 3rd High Level Panel Meeting of Youth Employment Network (YEN) in the World Bank, there are several speculation on the next president for the World Bank. From the sources that ASA got, most likely the current President Wolfensohn is not going to extent his term that going to end in May 2005.

According to The Korean Time:

The strongest candidates are former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of
State Colin Powell, World Bank officials said on Monday.

There is a consensus that one of them will be named president of the
global organization according to result of the battle between President George
W. Bush and Sen. John F. Kerry, said Kim Yong-beom, senior financial analyst at
the World Bank.

Interesting, besides the US Presidential Election, the richest institution in the world also going to transform. The only different just the people can't vote for the World Bank President. It decided by the board of the World Bank.

Anyway, the US citizen can choose whether Colin Powell or Clinton by vote for Bush or Kerry in the November poll. Either Republican or Democrats will be elected to be the president. It seems already a reality that hardly to change!