Saturday, September 25, 2004

Who Leak the News of Jiang's Retirement Plan?

Following the retirement of the Jiang Zemin in the Central Military Committee last Sunday, a journalist call Zhao Yan has been detained for leaking state secret to foreigners.

He was accused to broke the story of Jiang Zemin's retirement to The New York Times. According to Zhao's family statement, Zhao, 42, joined The New York Times as a researcher three months ago after quitting his job at China Reform magazine.

However, many unclear and suspicious in this incident. How can Zhao get such "important" state secret? How Chinese government define the "state secret"? Who are the officials know the plans of Jiang's retirement plan as the plan consider as "state secret"? So many unanswered questions that need to clarify by the authority who arrested Zhao.

At the same time, there should be a transperancy, accountable and independent investigation body to be set up. Zhao should not denied to the rights of access to the family members and the legal advice.

As we welcome the peaceful transition power of the People Republic of China, the detention of Zhao may become the flaw of the celebration. We call the Chinese government to respect the principle of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.