Friday, September 24, 2004

Did Your Government Sell You Out?!

When we talked about WTO, we knew this multilateral institution is all about trade. However many of the main player are working hard to expand the trade to many other aspects including investment, services etc.

Another tricks that is popular now is the bilateral free trade agreement between two countries or countries to continental economy formation. How far you know about the deals that had been achieved? What kind of agreement that your "respective" government signed? Will it benefit the original people?

These are the questions that we have to answer. As long as the government engaged in that "cruel" deals, there will be no way back. Your government may be sued. The consequences will be bear by the people.

How we are going to stop it? Are you worry? Here are the website that tell you "everything that's not happening in the WTO". It can help you to know more about the bilateral trade around the world.

Please tell us your mind.