Thursday, October 28, 2004

How Thaksin treated the South Thai Muslim?

Yesterday I was received a tragedy news from Southern Thailand. Around 80 Thai Muslims suffocate after arrested at protest outside the police station.

According to press reports, the dead were among 1,500 arrested following Monday's clashes outside a police station in Narathiwat province, southern Thailand, after they had protested against the detention of six men accused of providing weapons to Islamic militants.

Now is the fasting month of the Muslim brother in the world. They practice their religion duties to experience the suffer of the people.

However, Thaksin responsed to the tragedy with the following remarks:

This is typical. It's about bodies made weak from fasting. It is not about
someone attacking them."

Mr Thaksin added that the protesters had been mainly motivated by separatism. Thailand is predominantly Buddhist but unrest and separatism has simmered in the south for three decades.

"I cannot allow the separatists to exist on our land." "We cannot allow
these people to harass innocent people and authorities any longer. We have no
choice but to use force to suppress them."

That's really an iron fist remarks and how ignorance of Thaksin as the Prime Minister of Thailand views the issues. For Thai people, your Prime Minister really commited a serious human rights violation. We really have to stop him to further crackdown on any civilian protest action. The Southern Thailand people's voice should be heard with necessary action, not crackdown.

Our friends in Malaysia are going to have some solidarity action to the South Thai people. There will be vigil night and protest action in front of Thailand Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

I hope we will get more action from other part of the world particularly in ASEAN countries.