Friday, October 29, 2004

Hopes for a Democratic ASEAN?!

Even though Thaksin apologised after the strong protests and condemnation from the neighbour countries' governments and human rights organizations, the tragedy that happened in Southern Thailand already brought all of us to the problems of the long practices of "constructive engagement" or "no interference in the internal affairs" .

Since Malaysia's Prime Minister and Indonesia Foreign Ministry Department, both Muslim nations already outraged about this tragedy and even predicted more violences or even revenge will be taken place in the future.

When the high handed of the Thaksin administration towards the muslim community in Southern Thailand, we also had the military government in Burma, human rights violation in Mindanao, undemocratic practice in many countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Laos etc.

Of course this is the different issues, we should not mix up this with other problems of governance. However, in order to build up the sustainable political environment, the commitment towards the genuine reform inside the country and also ASEAN.

There will be no peace without the justice. The determination of the people should be adhere and also respected by the government without prejudice.