Wednesday, March 22, 2006

URGENT NOTICE: Korean farmers are evicted for U.S. military base expansion

The U.S. military expansion hits hard on farmers, as the case of those in Pyongtaeg, South Korea. Let us express our support them. Please read on.

South Korean government arrested villagers
Farmers barricade themselves in school near Camp Humphreys
March 15, 2006

South Korea's government started to arrest farmers and villagers who arestruggling to keep their land from the U.S. military.

Four people were injured and 30 people were arrested, including a singer and painter who are supporting the villagers' struggle.

The government wants the residents out so the U.S. military can eventually triple Camp Humphreys' size, making it the main U.S. installation on the peninsula.

Of about 144 households in Daechu-ri before the government began its land purchases in 2005, about half have left and only about 70 households remain.

We are strongly encouraged by your support and protest.

If you give us anymessages, we will share them with the villagers to encourage them.

Please join us to protest the Korean and U.S. Governments !

Go to the Korean Ministry of Defense's website :

Please forward and distribute widely!!!