Monday, March 27, 2006

AASJA joined Global Day of Action against US-led War!

UPDATE: On March 18, members in Tokyo held protest actions at the U.S. and Korean Embassy. In this month, the U.S. military and the South Korean government brutally evicted farmers and residents in Pyongtaek to expand the U.S. Air base in the city. The action was to support South Korean people defending their land and lives. It was an action also to protest the U.S.’s plan to build a new base in Okinawa.

On March 20, members in Osaka held a photo exhibition of Iraq and Okinawa on street near city hall, and had a rally in front of U.S. consulate. Many workers and citizens walking on the street happened to see the photos and noticed that it was the day of the Iraq war and the war is still ongoing. Some people showed their support for the members. The members held a one-hour protest rally in front of U.S. consulate despite many policemen were surrounding the building.

On March 21, AASJA-Yamaguchi, together with other anti-war organizations and workers unions, held a mass rally in Iwakuni city where the U.S. military has stationed for 60 years and now is planning to expand its presence. The citizensof Iwakuni showed their clear opposition against the realignment plan of the U.S. that will bring more noise and dangers. Around 90% of ballots in a referendum on March 12 were against the realignment, while only 10% supported it. A city council member joined the rally and gave a speech to present voices of the local people.

Although the organizer tried to submit a protest letter to the administration of the U.S. Marine, it refused to accept it and no one to the main gate. The protesters handed the letter to an officer of Self Defense Force of Japan, and called chants to show their opposition. These actions of AASJA were part of so many anti-war actions in the country and the world. Especially, they were in solidarity of youth and students against U.S. and Japanese imperialism in Asia Pacific.

AASJA-Japan received solidarity messages from Asian Student Association, DEMA-Malaysia, andYouth and Student ANSWER in the U.S. These messages were introduced in the actions and will be put on the website of AASJA.