Monday, December 27, 2004

Condolence to all Victims of Tsunamis

UPDATE: As the people of the world celebrated the holiday of X'mas, at least 13,390 dead across Asia in tidal waves after world's most powerful earthquake, Tsunami, in 40 years. The number of the victims is increasing by time to time.

The toll from the disaster is set to spiral in the worst-hit areas of Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Thailand. All these countries are developing countries that needs for decent infrastructure for the relief operation. Most of the people in these areas have to struggle for their survive.

The ASA extends the condolence to the family members of the victims. We strongly feel that the lost of the family, friends, comrades and relatives is something very hard to accept. One of the positive way to stand up under this painful situation is to be strong and work with the people to overcome the damages.

The members of the ASA in those affected countries will be contacted immediately to know the situation. We are looking forward to their briefing and report of the damage control in their respective countries. Their resolution and action for the affected areas will be very much welcome.

At the same time, the ASA secretairat calls the members of the ASA to work with partners in the relief operation. Any relief operation that take place in those area can be the correspondence for the ASA to work effectively with them. The ASA is looking forward to work with them in order to make the relief operation a successful one.