Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Religion Freedom in Korean Schools?!

UPDATE: The Korean high school student, Gang Ui Seok, was expelled by the school due to his refused to attend the religious education in the faith-based private school. He has been on the hinger strike for 44 days, and his ardent cry is winning the public's attention.

According to the editorial from Hankyoreh,

Some of those schools are said to have been forcing students to
participate in religious education and rituals. It does not need to be said that
this is in violation of the spirit of the constitution, which guarantees freedom
of religion. It also goes against religion's lofty aims. Are not conscience and
belief at the core of modern religion? And is that all? The practice can also
become an obstacle to educational goals as well, and it does not fit with the
ideals of pursuing independent and creative development, which is what modern
education is all about.

Actually, there are many faith-base schools in many countries in Asia and Pacific. The freedom of religious become a struggle when there is forcing the people to take the faith education. When we are discussing about the faith dialogue or even integration between different religious background students, we have to start it from the very earlier stage.

The case in Korea just an example of how exclusive the religious school. Indeed, this is another big debate that we might felt in with never ending. However, what we can fight for is the freedom of religious should be implement in all level, including the education system.