Friday, December 17, 2004

On the Road to the New Year Publication...

BREAKING NEWS: The ASA secretariat is now busy with the new year publication. It will be the newsletter that provide the restropect about the 2004 and forsee the future in 2005. For those who are always follow with the progress in ASA, this publication will also serve as your reflection.

The 2004 is going to end for another 14 days. Many of the organizations busy with their annual report, activities and gatherings. For the ASA, we try to give you another perspective about the new year celebration.

The ASA secretariat committed to provide you a comprehensive and informative New Year Publication. With the professional of the CEGP, ASA member in Philippines, Rey is doing a very attractive layout.

With the different experiences from the trips and activities, Madhav and Khai Loon will tell you more about the outcome of the past activities. This is the collective work that ASA always emphasize.

We hope the 2005 will be another breakthrough for the ASA.

Of course, we will publish the New Year Publication in PDF as well for the ASA supporter. As usual, we are looking forward your response and feedback after you read the New Year Publication. We will let you know more about that...