Monday, December 20, 2004

The Birth of ISYNOW!

BREAKING NEWS: With the fruitful meeting between the ASA, WSCF and IMCS, we decided to set up the International Student and Youth Network on WTO (ISYNOW). The meeting was attended by the representative from different organizations and the local national members as well. It's a boosting for the mobilization works of the ASA together with other regional student and youth organizations.

As we emphasised the stronger alliance to counter the principle value of the Liberalization, Deregulation and Privatization (LDP), ISYNOW will become the important platform for the young people to organize ourselves to become a significant forces in the Anti-Globalization movement. Indeed, without the participation of the national movement, it's very hard to achieve the goals that we shared.

In order to play a more constructive and effective role in the coming International Coordinating Network (ICN) in Hong Kong on Febrauary 26-28, ISYNOW decided to have the meeting before the ICN took place. We are very much welcome to those who are interested to become part of the member in the network. We strongly believe the unity in the network will provide us a wonderful experiences.

For those who want to become the network, please contact the ASA secretariat at