Friday, September 10, 2004

Why you have to against Forum?!

After the World Youth Festival in Barcelona, the ASA already issued an assessment report that you can read here.

Thanks to Hsin-chieh, from Taiwan who forwarded us an interesting views on 10 Reasons Against Forum. For your information, the whole World Youth Festival (WYF) was took place in the Forum. The WYF is only part of the 141 days activities since July. To date the programs in the Forum still receive a lot of visitors.

The Forum 2004 actually is project and the infrastructure that developed by the Barcelona City Council. What are the points raise by the writer can be summarized as followed:

1. Speculation and not response to city-planning needs.
2. The "new" Barcelona that only leisure and tourist place.
3. Forum 2004 is not respectful with environmental.
4. Forum's political and economical sponsor.
5. Forum organizer make immigration illegal.
6. Forum 2004 support war economy.
7. Forum organizer are those who deal social problems with repression.
8. Forum 2004: A non participative space where dialogue is a sham.
9. Multiculturality as globalization's fairy tale.
10. Forum 2004: where culture and values are merchandise.

Do you agree with those criticism? Any other comments regarding this kind of comments? Do you think Forum 2004 will call a press conference to answer those criticism?

The ASA is actively participate in the International Preparatory Committee (IPC) to organized the previous World Youth Festival. Some of the participants also deliver their dissatisfaction with the organizer. Anyway, your comments will be very important for us to have a better festival in the future.