Monday, August 30, 2004

Palestinian Prisoners Hunger Strike Enters 13th Day

The Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike enters its 13th day with more solidarity tents established in different parts of the West Bank and the Palestinian cities and towns in Israel. In Baqa Al-Gharbyeh, solidarity tent has been erected on Saturday were hundreds of people meet there and sit in solidarity.

A one day hunger strike has also been organized in Nazareth near St. Mary's church in the town. Additionally, around 17 Syrians in the occupied GolanHeights declared a hunger strike in the town of Majdal Shams on Thursday.

Besides, almost all cities and refugee camps of the West Bank and Gaza strip have erected solidarity tents where families, friends and prisoners support committees stay there and in many places join the hunger strike as well. Solidarity with the prisoners has not been limited to Palestinians only, but internationals as well. Several International peace activists joined the hunger strike in different locations in the West Bank.

Please send the protest letter to the Israeli Embassy or Consulate nerby your respective country. Also send the letter the the Prime Minister Arial Sharon.